Medimap Healthcare Pvt Ltd (Powered by Nucleus Diagnostics)

Known for expertise & care

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Medimap is powered by the legacy of Nucleus Diagnostics which was conceived 14 years ago with the aim of providing quality diagnostic services to our patients. We are one of the leading and renowned diagnostics companies with numerous diagnostic centres in Pune and have carved a niche for ourselves. Medimap as a brand is enjoying a loyal customer base with zeal and strength to provide affordable, reliable, and high-quality diagnostic tests and services. We offer various diagnostic tests in Radiology, Pathology, and Cardiology using cutting-edge technology, supported by highly skilled personnel. As a result, leading medical practitioners of the city trust our expertise and use our services for better patient management.

We pride ourselves on delivering the best of care and quality services for the prevention and accurate detection of disease. With exemplary hospitality, quality, and consistency in our services, the ultimate aim of medimap is to provide satisfaction to communities through trust, compassion, and care. Our fundamental mission is to propagate healthier living for our patients through world-class diagnostic services and precise testing.

Diagnostic tests in
Radiology, Pathology & Cardiology

In order to make a difference in the healthcare industry, we wish to deliver clinical excellence through collaborative services enabling evidence-based treatment for our patients. With the most advanced technology, our team of highly qualified doctors in various diagnostic specialties strives hard to offer excellent service with prompt turnaround time and easy access to consultation.

We offer various diagnostic tests in Radiology, Pathology, and Cardiology under one roof. We use our expertise and services for better patient management with accuracy and precision.

Medimap offers its doctors and patients cutting-edge diagnostic solutions. With a conclusive diagnosis, our team of specialists helps in delivering the most effective medical treatment to all patients in a minimal time period.

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